CornShed On Tour

CornShed On Tour

Here are photos of people on their travels, spreading the CornShed joy all over the world in their CornShed merchandise!

Where in the world have you been in yours?? Send us a pic with a description and we'll pop it on here!

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The CornShed does Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa -

Alyn taking in the views wearing his natural cream t-shirt!

The CornShed does Disneyworld Florida -

Tony sporting his new cap!  

The CornShed does Abu Dhabi - Ian in the new-style olive green tee!

  The CornShed does Cambodia - Bob sporting his natural new-style tee! 

The CornShed at The Colosseum 2013 - Liza 'with' her new design crew t-shirt in Rome, Italy (unfortunately was far too hot to wear black!)

The CornShed does Boston, Massachusetts - Martha wears the new olive tee whilst brewing lots of lovely beer at  

The CornShed does Longleat, Wiltshire - Matty sporting his crew t-shirt with the parrots!

The CornShed does Mayerhofen, Austria - Matty, Michelle, Simon, Tom and Katie from the bar staff sporting their t-shirts!

  The CornShed does South Australia - Bob in his cap and 2008 t-shirt!

  The CornShed does Western Australia - Bob in his 2008 t-shirt!